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Ecosure and Blueguard

Our Pesticides: Ecosure and Blueguard

Your Armor technician will remove visible spider webs and wasps nests along eaves, doors, windows, gutters, and overhangs — paying careful attention to cracks and crevices along the foundation where pests gain entry.

Our unique process offers reliable protection for your family and pets

Insects and rodents can run from Armor Pest Defense, but they cannot hide. They go away and stay away.

Unprecedented Protection Deadly to Pests

EcoSURE is a process of higher consciousness with patented technology derived from the lessons of nature. Natural plant oil-based repellents and agents target the insect nervous system to drive pests out and keep them out. EcoSURE utilizes revolutionary and proprietary combinations of plant oils that offer viable botanical-based alternatives to conventional pesticides. It’s safe for the planet. Safer for your family.

Effective Against a Wide Spectrum of Insect Pests

Clinical research and field studies and testing have confirmed EcoSURE’s efficacy – performing as well as most conventional toxin-based products. EcoSURE provides a effective control over a vast variety of indoor and outdoor pests – providing residual protection that lasts and lasts.