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Pest Control Company in Phoenix, AZ

At Armor Pest Defense, we are specifically trained to deal with the different types of pests and infestations in Phoenix, AZ. We are the reliable pest control company that you want to defend your home. We are environmentally conscious and we strive to get the job done in a way that will prevent pest problems in the future.

Environmentally Friendly Extermination

Our first priority when we go to a home to begin treatment is safety. We focus on the safety of our clients, their children, and their pets. We also focus on environmentally friendly extermination services. The products and chemicals that we use to exterminate pests are the same products that we would use in highly sensitive areas like daycares or hospitals.

Locally Trained

When you need an exterminator, you need someone who knows how to best operate in that area. You want someone who knows the Phoenix area and everything there is to know about the pests there. At Armor Pest Defense all of our exterminators are locally trained with the right knowledge to best combat pests in this area. When you hire someone with local knowledge you know you are getting the best pest control possible.

BlueGUARD Protection

Not only will we rid the pests infesting your home, but we will also apply a coating of BlueGUARD protection that will defend your home against future pest infestations. The BlueGUARD coat repels insects and pests and helps to keep your home pest free. This coating is safe for children and pets and is environmentally safe.

When looking for an exterminator, you want someone who has the local knowledge to best help your home, someone who is environmentally conscious, and who will help guard your home against future infestation.

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