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Money Back Guarantee: To be eligible for a refund of your last service payment, re-treatments must qualify as outlined. Qualifying re-treatments are defined as return service requests for COVERED PESTS only and not for pests determined EXTENDED COVERAGE OR ADDITIONAL COST. Pests in those categories may not have the same guarantee. For COVERED PEST re-treatments to be eligible, infestations must be of the same pest and found in the same location INSIDE the home. A request for refund must be done in a timely manner and must occur before your next regular service. You must make this request while you are between regular services only after consecutive re-treatments. If these requirements are met, you may request your last service payment to be credited to your account. Armor will then make arrangements to return to your home to verify the problem conditions. Upon verification of a persisting problem, a credit of your last service payments will be placed on your account.

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